We are #Team Rückenwind and we are currently traveling the world primarily virtually.
Sport unites us and our members are active in many disciplines:
Running 🏃, Trailrunning 🏃 🗻, Running with dog 🏃 🐶, Walken 🚶, Bicycle 🚴, E-Bike 🚴 🔋, inline skating 🛼, swimming 🏊, Yoga 🧘, Workout 🏋 🤸, Hula-Hoop ⭕ or just counting daily steps 👣. We share the fun and joy of sport and motivate each other.
May the road bring us together and the wind be on your back (Irish song of blessing) - Become part of our fabulous, cool, sometimes badass, crazy AND above all "kilometer-eating" community.
Every kilometer counts for us and EVERYONE is IMPORTANT. Whether slow or fast, a lot or little, straight or with altitude meters - that is absolutely irrelevant. We want to have fun!
We also warmly welcome beginners. #WeAreTEAMrückenwind

You can find us on Instagram at @teamrueckenwind
and on Facebook via our team Teamrückenwind group:

If you have any questions, we are very happy to help!
Sporty greetings and hopefully see you soon then...

Leona @lauflio

Dirk @dirk.running


My name is Imke and I am the team leader of the team #teamsportextase

I founded the team in 2020 in a short-term campaign.
At that time I wanted to take part in the 7continentrun and I thought, just start a team right away.

Our main core of the group consists of members of a Facebook running group "The Funtastic Runners" as our team was originally called. But since a few others joined us, we gave ourselves a new name. Our members come from Germany, Austria and Switzerland, which makes us a diverse group.

We have become a real "little" family.
Whereby one can no longer speak of small with 100 team members.

We are very well represented in the disciplines of running, hiking and mountain biking/cycling and recently occupied one of the top three places there.

We are always happy about new members.
We focus on having fun, every kilometer counts.
If you only cover short distances or don't do much, that's not a problem at all.
We always motivate each other and support each other wherever we can.
Just like a running or sports family.

Team: #teamsportextase
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/teamsportextase/


E-mail: teamsportextase@gmx.de

Run with smile

My name is Manuela and I am the team leader of the #Team_Runwithsmile team.
I founded the team in June 2020. We're a really big group now.

Our motto:
Run with a smile because
it's easier with a smile!

We focus on having fun while exercising.
We motivate each other every day and run virtually together!

Our team is very motivated and always at the forefront when hiking/walking.
Whether running, hiking or cycling, everyone is welcome here!
Just get in touch with me!

Team: #Team_Runwithsmile
Instagram: @manu_ella_19
E-Mail: runwithsmile@gmx.de

Team Kinderherz-Läufer

We are the Kinderherz-Läufer team and we are currently mainly traveling virtually through the world.
Identify yourself with us as a KinderHerz runner and draw attention to the Kinderherz Foundation.
Show others that you are committed to a good cause, in sports.
Every KinderHerz-Länger makes a difference, we as a KinderHerz-Länger team make a big difference.
Because 8,700 children who are born in Germany with a heart defect need our support.
With mutual motivation and support, we can do it.
What do we need for this? You! Join our team and become a children's heart runner!

Team: #Team_Kinderherzläufer
Sandra @team_canicross

Instagram: @team_kinderherzlaeufer


Hello, we are TeamGeist
We started as a small running group of 10 people in 2020 in the beautiful city of Velbert.
Right from the start, we focus on having fun and the team itself.
In the meantime we are not only runners, but also cyclists, walkers, hikers, swimmers and inline skaters.
No matter how you keep moving, you've definitely won and encourage others to follow you.
It doesn't matter how fast you are, how strong you are or how far you get, it's all about your personal performance and that of the team.
We want to motivate and support each other and don't fight doggedly for first place. With us, everyone is a role model to inspire others. With 7Crun, we want to carry this team spirit ??, this spirit, even further out into the world!
More than 70 ghosts are already up to mischief on the most diverse continents and we are becoming more every day. If you would like to take part, then get out your sports gear, join us and follow the team spirit!
Visit us on Instagram @TeamGeist2021 and get to know us and our TeamGeist better.
You can message us directly via TeamGeist or, if that's too scary for you, I will stand by Teamleader Patty @patty__1984 for you.


With us, fun comes first...!!!

We are a group of runners, cyclists and walkers.
At every SchillingRun Club event, the focus is on our joint team ride by bike.
We decide together where the next trip will go.
Whether Edersee, Externsteine or a tour through the Paderborner Land... we always have fun😀😀😀
In the overall ranking for cycling, we are often among the top 3, although our team is much smaller than that of our 😀"companions"😀.
Are we a bit proud of that😀
We are happy about everyone who is part of our team and has fun with it.
Our motto: #teamdelbrück & SchillingRun Club = 100% FUN 😀😀😀

Instagram: @Michael.kempa.running