In addition to promoting your fitness, the SchillingRun Club also aims to support social projects.
We are currently supporting the KinderHerz Foundation.

Stiftung KinderHerz imagines:
We are the voice for heart children
Around 8,700 children in Germany are born with a heart defect every year.
A tough start in life.
We help these heart children and give them a voice to grow big and strong.
Who knows, maybe one day a little heart child will see running as a hobby.

We finance:
Medical research is expensive.
It is therefore our aim as a foundation to make this research possible for children with heart disease, just as we are currently doing for over 30 projects.
We support the children's heart centers associated with us and are open to all actions that help our heart children.

We inform:
We are educators and at the same time mouthpiece for children with heart disease.
We want to create public awareness, impart knowledge and raise awareness for a large group of those affected, who otherwise often have a too quiet voice.

We connect:
We bring people to the table who can achieve more for our heart children in cooperation than alone:
Idea generators, implementers and decision-makers from medicine, media and politics, from sports organizations and educational institutes. For active action alliances.

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